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Thursday, November 10, 2022

What's The Best Shampoo Bar For....?

Do you have hair issues? Dandruff, frizzy hair, dry scalp, oily hair, oily scalp, limp hair? Then read on as I may have a shampoo bar to help!

Lora's Beauty carries many types of shampoo bars specially formulated to be more ph balanced than the typical shampoo bar. For more information regarding ph and my shampoo bars, take a look at this blog post. If you're interested in what the best body soap is for a particular skin issue, this blog post may help. Now, if you're interested in what's the best shampoo bar I carry for a particular hair issue, then read on!

Most of my shampoo bars are made with aloe vera juice and avocado butter which are both hair loving. Aloe vera juice will help strengthen hair, calm itchy scalp, and control oily hair. Avocado butter is high in vitamin E making it great at stopping hair loss and breakage, adding hydration and shine, and thickening thinning hair. 

Just like with my body soaps, I start with a base set of ingredients when making my shampoo bars. These include olive, rice bran, castor, and coconut oils. I then add special extras to address particular hair issues. In addition, to all my shampoo bars, I add a pinch of tussah silk fibers which help to repair damaged hair and softens and smooths hair.

I also offer a Pine Tar Shampoo Bar and a Beer Bar. These have the same base set of ingredients but do not have aloe vera juice or avocado butter. Instead the pine tar bar includes goats milk and cocoa butter. Goats milk is rich in vitamin B which is an essential vitamin for healthy hair growth and cocoa butter moisturizes hair making it softer and more manageable.

My Beer Shampoo Bar is made with, of course beer, and cocoa butter. Beer is a wonderful ingredient for hair! It provides body, bounce and shine to hair and being rich in protein and vitamins it helps manage both scalp and hair oil production.

So, what's your specific hair issue and which shampoo bar would help?

Dry Frizzy Hair?

  • Pine Tar - the nutrient rich liquid of pine tar is a natural moisturizer for dry hair.
  • Spearmint Tea Tree - tea tree essential oil is such a beneficial oil for hair. It helps prevent the build up of chemicals and dead skin allowing your hair to be more healthy and moisturized.
  • Lavender Tea Tree
  • Beer Bar - Being rich in vitamin B, beer is a great deterrent against frizzy hair.
  • Papaya Orange - papaya seeds contain vitamin A which helps against dry and frizzy hair.

Oily Hair/Scalp?

  • Lemon Eucalyptus - lemongrass essential oil reduces production of excess oil on the hair and scalp.
  • Spearmint Tea Tree - spearmint and tea tree essential oils help control oily scalp and hair.
  • Rosemary Mint - rosemary essential oil has antifungal, astringent and decongesting qualities which can reduce oily build up on hair and scalp.
  • Lavender Ginger Sea Salt - Sea salt is great at absorbing excess oil on the scalp.

Lifeless Limp Hair?

  • Beer Bar - the proteins in beer bind to hair that's become dehydrated from blow drying and other styling products leaving the hair restored and with more body.
  • Activated Charcoal Patchouli Spearmint - the spearmint essential oil combined with activated charcoal will add luster to dry, lifeless hair.
  • Lavender Ginger Sea Salt - Sea salt adds volume to hair and provides a boost to hair roots.

Dry Scalp & Dandruff?

  • Lavender Tea Tree - lavender essential oil has antimicrobial properties preventing bacteria and fungi from growing, soothing dry scalp, and reducing dandruff.
  • Pine Tar - pine tar gives fast relief to itchy scalp and removes loose dandruff.
  • Activated Charcoal Patchouli Spearmint - activated charcoal will soothe itchy and irritated scalps and moisturize them to prevent dandruff. It's also makes for a great deep cleaning shampoo ingredient.
  • Lavender Ginger Sea Salt - Added sea salt is an excellent exfoliate, cleaning the scalp of dead skin cells.

Thinning Hair and Hair Growth

All the shampoo bars below contain vitamins and proteins that encourage healthy hair growth as well as limiting hair loss.

  • Beer Bar - beer can give extra life to naturally curly hair as well!
  • Papaya Orange
  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Lavender Tea Tree
  • Spearmint Tea Tree
Color Treated Hair
  • Activated Charcoal Patchouli Spearmint is a great cleanser for color treated hair as it deep cleans the hair without stripping away the color.
Gray Hair
The following bars have color additives that are the opposite of yellow on the color wheel and therefore help to neutralize the orange and brassy tones in grey and light colored hair.
  • Indigo Fir Orange - contains added indigo powder.
  • Lavender Tea Tree - contains purple mica.
  • Activated Charcoal Patchouli Spearmint - has added activated charcoal.
Scent Sensitive/Essential Oil Allergies
Now available, a shampoo bar with no added essential oil or colors. Just all natural, hair loving ingredients.

I hope this information was helpful and the next time you're wondering what's the best shampoo for your particular hair need, this can serve as a reference.