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Monday, October 31, 2016

Kitchen Update???

I've started floating the idea in my mind about redoing my kitchen counter top.  Maybe it started with me wanting a new stove? No, I think it started with me wanting a pretty tiled back-splash... Ah, hell, I don't know how it started but I do know that I'm getting the itch to do a little remodeling in the kitchen.

First off, as Jeff is happy to point out, there is nothing wrong at all with my current kitchen counter top and yes I did put it in but that was 20 years ago.  Can't a girl change her mind at some point?

Several years ago I got a new kitchen floor.  It's linoleum.

I purposely picked the color to match the counter top.

Therefore I think, in the interest of keeping peace in the house, I will start my kitchen redo with a little paint and forgo the counter top for now.

Since I've already got the red and yellow in the floor and counter top, I'm going to use this color schema.
My cabinet color is very close to the middle color.

My plan now is to paint the kitchen the tan color (#D5C2A1) with the middle color for the ceiling and trim. Because my kitchen has a curved wall into the hall, I will need to paint the hall as well, which is a pain because there are SEVEN doors!
I'm also debating about using wall paper on one wall, probably this one with the free standing cabinet.

There are so many cool wallpapers now like this white washed wood one.

I have really bad memories of peeling wall paper off walls but I'm tempted to try this one.

Or this rustic brick?

Even better yet, paintable wallpaper! This would work better in a kitchen, making the wallpaper easier to clean.

I'm partial to this square design.

I'm just floating some ideas right now but like I said, I'm getting the itch....

Friday, October 28, 2016

Farmhouse Table

I shared this table a few weeks ago. We picked it up on our way back from ice cream one warm summer evening (sigh, already missing summer). It was obviously an outdoor table from the musty smell and damp top but I brought it home anyway.

My son was (is) positive I also brought home all sorts of spiders with it but all I could see was a cute table in need of a little TLC.

I used a wire brush to scrubbed off all the loose paint (there was a lot).  I then sanded the rough spots and much to my son's delight, I vacuumed the underside of it to remove the spider webs.  I also punched a few nails in the top boards. Being outside caused the boards to warp and the previous nails were no longer useful.

I order Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Layla's Mint.For some reason I pictured this table painted in minty green.

I had extra Farmhouse White Milk Paintfrom a previous project so I painted the middle panel of the table with that.

I think this table would work nice in a breakfast nook,

or in a big farmhouse kitchen.

I will be selling this table in my Home and Patio Sale next July!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Few Things

It's only Tuesday but, I've found a few things I'd like to share with you.

First up, I couldn't contain myself when I found this recipe! What could be better than a warm chocolate drink that has red wine in it!?  I haven't made it yet but it's on my to do list for this weekend! Just adding red wine to this hot chocolate recipe I shared last year would be tasty.

I've been busy making soap for the holiday rush and a Christmas bazaar I'm participating in. Consequently, I now have the popular Mug-o-Beer Soap restocked in the online store.

The Pepperwood Goats' Milk Soap has been restocked as well.

Pick up a few while supplies last!

Friday, October 21, 2016

San Francisco

We took advantage of the low airfares and visited San Francisco last week. As it worked out we picked a good week to go since Portland had the "Storm of the Century". We only had one day of rain in San Francisco and we picked that day to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

Here are some photos of our trip.
The Golden Gate Bridge.

 I went a little crazy with the row house pictures!
Most of these are from the Haight/Ashbury neighborhood.
They are so cute but besides needing a lot of money to buy one, we noticed a lot of contractors working on them.
 Ah, the details!
 And the colors!
They look like little doll houses.
Love the curved windows on these homes.
I really love how bright the houses were painted. Purple, pink, yellow, blue; these colors look good on a row house.
Of course, all white looks good too.
As you can see the weather was pretty nice for wandering around taking photos of people's homes.

Seriously, how do you curve glass?!

We took in a little shopping in the neighborhood as well.

I loved how there were so many open air produce markets all throughout the city.
Wish I could have flopped down in a sunny spot for a rest about then too!

What's a trip to San Francisco without a trolley picture?
Of course we had to get some Ghirardelli chocolate!
Like Portland, San Francisco has it's homeless problems.
We spent a lot of time walking around the city.

We had major pepper envy over these! Our peppers didn't do so well this summer.
Our last day there we hit a farmer's market and craft show on the pier.

And finally a shot of the Bay Bridge on our way to 21st Amendment Brewery!

Ah, made it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Repurposed Window

This was an easy re-purposing. We found this mirror free on the sidewalk one evening as we were walking to dinner.  We left it as we didn't want to carry it to the restaurant.  I figured if it was still there when we walked home then it was meant to be mine.

I sanded the rough spots and flaking paint off it then I hit it with some Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Ironstone and sealed it with hemp oil.

I added these cute watering cans I picked up at a garage sale for hooks.
They would work well to hold flowers.

Or, if you want, they can hold pencils and pens.

I added a sturdy way to hang the mirror as well using a couple hooks and some wire.

I think this mirror would look good inside or outside.  I will be selling this at my Home and Patio Sale next July!