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Monday, June 27, 2016

Things My Neighbors Give Away Part 3

Starting Part 3 of Things My Neighbors Give Away, I bring you the metal table I spied one morning on my way to work.  As I was on my bike, I emailed Jeff about it once I got to work.  He returned later with the car and I was welcomed home to this!

As you can see, it needed some work.  I was doubting my decision to take this table as the underside of it had a lot of rust.

After several hours of work, I was happy to see the table was looking better!

Even that awful under side that had so much rust looks better!

This will be in my sale July 29 and 30th.

This sideboard is the piece that started it all!  Jeff found this one evening and insisted I take a look at it.  My first inclination was to pass on it, I had yet to ever pick anything up off the sidewalk for free and it was somewhat dirty and had an ugly 80's black finish to it.  I finally caved though and we went to get the car.

Trying to put this into the car at night was quite a job (I think it was even raining but that could be my memory trying to make it all seem more miserable than it was)!  We did manage to get it in the trunk with most of it hanging out which was ok since we only had about 6 blocks to take it.  At home we unloaded it into the garage and the next day I ordered my first package of milk paint.

While waiting for the paint to arrive, I watched all the you-tube videos I could find about how to use it.  It took several coats of paint and with each coat I doubted whether it was going to work or whether it was worth it.  I painted it completely in the garage, bent over or sitting on the ground.

Finally, it was finished enough to bring into the house and with that piece I started actually looking at what was being set out curbside in my neighborhood for free.

My parents found these patio chairs on the sidewalk free not too long ago.

Naturally they didn't start out looking like that, but considering some of the stuff I've drug home, they weren't bad.  I wrote about these chairs here.  I have finally decided to put these chairs in the my sale this July!  They look great with the metal table I just finished!

Yes, there is a Part Four (and five and probably six as well) still to come of Things My Neighbors Give Away so stay tuned!

Check out these links for Part One and Part Two of Things My Neighbors Give Away.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

The first week of work after a vacation is the worst!  Now that it's behind me, I'm looking forward to a great weekend!

While I was gone, a couple of my hydrangeas burst into bloom!  Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorite garden flowers as evidence to that fact, I planted four!

This one is a lacecap hydrangea.  The blooms are more flat and less round and bushy than the common mophead variety.

Although hydrangeas don't really have a scent, they do keep their blossoms well into fall.  The mophead variety like this one, will easily keep it's flowers (if I don't cut them) into September even changing color slightly until turning brown and dying in winter.

My PeeGee variety has not quite bloomed; it has more cone shaped blooms that start out white and turn pinkish-red come autumn.

It's been almost two years now since I've been doing Bikram Yoga.  I really love the extreme workout it is and how it makes me feel -- after it's finished.  Bikram Yoga is a group of 26 yoga poses that are done in a heated room, usually about 105 degrees.  The heat is meant to induce profuse sweating and to relax muscles so they stretch more easily.  Occasionally I've overdone it and have had sore muscles.  My Dad recommended I try Stopain Extra Strength Pain Relief Roll-On.I did and it does work quite well, but at nearly $10 a bottle I wasn't anxious to buy more, besides I figured I could make some!

All that to say, I've made a Lora's Beauty topical pain relief menthol rub!  This is an all organic rub that contains menthol crystals, eucalyptus, camphor and cassia essential oils, beeswax, rice oil, and shea butter.  It works as a wonderful moisturizer and topical pain reliever.  Best of all, it's only $5 for a long lasting 1 oz push-up stick.  Got sore muscles?  Pick up a couple sticks! now available in the online store!

Right before I left for vacation a couple weeks ago, I finally finished a project I've been wanting to do for several months.  Jeff had a couple old windows that we've been kicking around, one of which he gave to me.

I ordered Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray Paint to spray the glass with.  This paint provides a mirror-like effect when sprayed on glass.  The trick to using this paint is to spray the back of the window.

If done correctly, your window will become a mirror!  It's more of a smokey mirror but I love the way it turned out!

I added three sunflower pulls I took off a dresser that was on the sidewalk for free.  I didn't want the dresser but the sunflower pulls were awesome (this is why I always carry a multi-tool in my purse)!

I also added a sturdy way to hang the mirror.  Wouldn't it look great in a bathroom with a hand towel hanging from the pulls?

This mirror will be available in my Home and Patio Sale July 29th and 30th! If you're in Portland go to NE Fremont and 15th and follow the signs!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!  We had a wonderful time in Eastern Oregon last weekend, it's a beautiful part of the country.  Monday I'll be posting Part Three of Things My Neighbors Give Away!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

Welcome to Friday!  I have been lucky to have this week off so the thrill of Friday isn't as big for me.  None the less I have a few things to share.

Most of this week we've been in Central Oregon, just outside of Sunriver on the Fall River.  We stayed in a beautiful house I rented through VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner).  I've used this service many times to rent homes on vacation and have never been disappointed.  The homes we've stayed at have always been clean, comfortable, and exactly as listed.  The home we stayed at this year, was fabulous! 

We were literally just feet from the beautiful Fall River, which, I'm told is a great fly fishing river.  Unfortunately we didn't get any fish.  However, there wasn't a lot of fishing done, as my son and I were busy mountain biking on the incredible mountain bike trails close to the house.

My son spent at least 6 hours a day mountain biking and I was out there a good 2 hours a day.  The trails were a mountain biker's dream!

On the way home we stopped at Smith Rock.  Smith Rock is famous for rock climbers and there were quite a few climbing while we were there.  

I can't believe I've lived almost 50 years in Oregon and have never been there!  It was an incredible sight!

In my opinion the best time to visit Central Oregon is in June before it gets really hot (smoke from forest fires can get really bad) and after the winter snows have melted.  This year it was a little chilly in the mornings but the days were around 60 to 75 degrees, perfect for mountain biking!

Have a nice weekend, we're off to a Beer Festival in Eastern Oregon then it's back to work on Monday (*sad face*).

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

It's Rose Festival time in Portland!  It's a bit anti-climatic these days but I'm told, back in the day.... It was a big deal and many longtime residents over the age of 60 will be happy to regale you with stories of sailors running amok and strippers on boats welcoming the fleet.

Besides the carnival downtown and the 3 parades, the most noticeable thing about the Festival is the fleet of ships that come.  Due to many factors (shrinking of the Navy, 9/11, etc) the size of the fleet and the size of the individual ships have shrunk over the years, however it still makes for an event when they begin arriving. It never fails, they arrive at evening rush hour during the week and leave at morning rush hour the following Monday.  Not a big deal, unless your city is cut in half by a river and every bridge has to lift at the same time to let the ships through.

I was lucky enough to be stopped on the Broadway Bridge as some of the fleet was making it's way in on Wednesday.

There is no making it over the bridge now as the bridge breaks in half and lifts vertically into the air.

This makes for a rather large backup not only for cars but bikes as well.

I'm not going to pretend to know my military ships but first ship through the bridge was this one.

It's customary for the fire boats to welcome the fleet.
Next up were a couple of Coast Guard ships.  These ships allow the general public to ride along.

It took about 20 minutes for the three ships to make it through.  Unfortunately I wasn't prepared and didn't have my good camera, only the cell phone camera.  Although I ride over this bridge twice a day, I seldom stop and take in the sights.

Changing gears slightly now, the first gardenia flower bloomed over the weekend!  I just got this plant last year and now I don't know how I lived this many years without one!  The smell of a gardenia bloom instantly takes me to Kauai!

Also blooming in the garden is this tree mallow.   I purchased this plant one summer when we were visiting Astoria, Oregon.  It was supposed to be a dwarf, but it was probably mislabeled...just sayin.

Enjoy your weekend!  We're off to Central Oregon for some fly fishing, mountain biking, high stakes Yahtzee playing, and relaxing.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Things My Neighbors Give Away Part 2

In my ongoing mission to post things I've brought home free off the sidewalk, I bring you Part Two of Things My Neighbors Give Away.

Up first is this chair I just finished last week.  It's not much to speak of, however it is quite sturdy.

After a little milk paint and some new upholstery, it looks much better!

This piece of furniture stumped me for a while until my mom told me what it was, a swing arm vanity.

With a little TLC it looked much better!  You can read more about it here.

I've always had a soft spot for functional furniture and nothing gets more functional than a trunk.  This one came to me quite dirty and it sat for some time in the basement before I had the courage to even clean it.

After cleaning, painting, and reupholstering, it's now beautiful and functional!  Read more about the trunk redo here.

Finally, here's a coffee table I almost forgot about!  I picked this one up, painted it's legs and sold it on craigslist for $50 all with in a week!

That concludes, Part Two of Things My Neighbors Give Away.  The chair and the trunk will both be in my Home and Patio Sale July 29th and 30th.  If you're in Portland go to NE Fremont and 15th and follow the signs!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Five Things for Friday

It's Friday and what have I found this week?

Last weekend was a long weekend as we in the US were celebrating Memorial Day.  We took the opportunity to travel over to Washougal, Washington and visit the Pendleton Woolen Mills Outlet Store as they were having a huge sale --80% of some items!  While there, I took a few pictures of the Columbia River and the flower of the week,  the daisy.

If daises could speak, I think they'd be constantly singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.  They are to me, the Happiness Flower.

They aren't quite blooming in my yard but here on the riverbank where they've gotten lots of sun, they are in full bloom.

I've been reading a lot lately about the waste from online shopping.  This cuts right to my heart as I'm a HUGE Amazon Prime buyer.  All those items that I used to put on a list for the hardware, hobby, fabric, clothing, etc store I now just click over to Amazon and order them.  I haven't given much thought to the waste involved with shipping all those items as I've justified it because I didn't have to drive to any store and I recycle all the boxes.  Unfortunately, recycling is just a step above throwing everything in the garbage.  The idea of a Prime Box as floated in this link would be great!

Speaking of  Amazon, have you ever noticed the random item that costs about 20 times more on Amazon than it does in the store?  I remember following a link to La Croix Sparkling Water, Coconut, 12 pk that a person recommended.  It went to Amazon and the price was about $20 for a 12 pack!  Of course you could get it in the grocery store for about $4!  This article explains why that is, if you're curious. 

For some reason I have cinder blocks I've been kicking around my yard for years.  I'm really not sure where they came from, it may have been from building the fence 10 years ago?  Anyway, I was perusing the internet one day and found this idea.  Lucky me, I also picked up some FREE hens and chicks succulents so I put those cinder blocks to good use finally!

Last weekend I was able to get in a little soap making as well.  Lora's Beauty Online Store is now stocked with the Soothing Shave Bar.  Made with the finest oils, cocoa butter, clay, and essential oils this bar creates a great lather!  It would make a wonderful Father's Day gift along with some Mug-o-Beer Soap!

Enjoy your weekend and come back Monday for Part Two of Things My Neighbors Give Away!