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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mobile Redirect in Google Sites

I spent some time today creating a mobile site for Lora's Beauty and I wanted to share something I found today.

First off, you may notice if you go to Lora's Beauty on a non-mobile device you will get a link to shop using Paypal. However, if you go to Lora's Beauty on a mobile device you will be shown a Google store and payments will be made using Google Wallet/Checkout. I did this not to make my life complicated, although it does because now I need to maintain inventory in two places, but to better serve my customers. I've heard from a number of people that they prefer to use Paypal. I've also heard that a lot of people don't want to create a Google login (it's hard to believe that anyone doesn't already have one). Paypal allows people to purchase using their own Visa/Mastercard WITHOUT logging in. People like this.

There's a big problem with the Paypal checkout, however. The buttons you create via their button creation method are not mobile friendly--at all. They don't work. You can fix this by digging into Paypal's API but you better know what you're doing. When you go to the mobile version of Lora's Beauty, you will need to checkout via Google Wallet/Checkout.

From a developer's perspective, Google Wallet/Checkout is WAY easier. Keeping track of inventory and product information is done in a spreadsheet. That's it. Update the spreadsheet and your website is updated. It also works on a mobile device with no special coding.

Having said all that, I did run into an issue on how to place a mobile redirect (code that would detect that someone was using a mobile phone and redirect them automatically to the mobile website) on my Google Site. There's plenty of javascript code on the web that will show you how to do it. The trouble is you need to place the code within the HEAD tags on your page. Google doesn't give you access to the HEAD tags. After much searching on the web, I found this Google Gadget. It worked perfectly!

Just thought I'd share and let me know if you have a better solution or have tried something else.

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