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Friday, March 4, 2016

Five Things for Friday

My Gawd am I thankful it's Friday!  What a week.  I'd make a little progress on something then *WHAM* progress has stopped and I've actually lost ground.  What's a person to do when their week is like that?  Cruise the internet?  Ok, I did get in some of that and here's what I found in between set backs this week.

VACATION PLANNING!  That's what a person does with a crazy week.  Doesn't this look fun?  This could be a quick and easy vacation home if you had some nice property by the water.

I'm a sucker for bread bags.  I've shared a couple before and I really find that they prolong the life of your homemade or rustic bread by several days.  I saw this one the other day and instantly loved it!

Need a gift for someone who is hard to buy for?  I thought this Sundail was cool and clever!  It actually prints the time on the ground!  No more staring at shadows trying to figure out if it's 3:45 or 3:50....

Remember my succulent that had a bud on it?

Well it finally bloomed!  It's a little understated but it's still a flower.

Speaking of flowers, this Clematis Hagley Hybrid (Pink Chiffon) Vine - 2.5" Pot
 is about to burst into Spring!  My sister and I planted this several years ago over our garage doors.
We planted one clematis on each side of the house and watched and waited until they grew together. The last Spring she was alive they finally met and every Spring they bloom I think of her.

Enjoy your well-deserved weekend.  I've got a furniture remodel to share with you next week!

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