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Monday, May 23, 2016

Primitive Cabinet Makeover

Wow!  This piece turned out better than I imagined it would!

Driving home from a Mother's Day shopping trip, I spied this little lonely cabinet FREE on the side of the road.  It may have been a hutch in a prior life.  Regardless, it spoke to me in a way few pieces do.  It had potential but it was hidden beneath an exterior that looked like it had spent a lot of time in a drafty garage.  It was never a fine piece of furniture but it could be very functional, all it needed was a second chance at life.

It took a little glue, paint, and some hardware and this became the Little Cabinet The Could!

To start with, I glued and clamped the top piece (behind the jars) back on.

I then painted the piece using a custom mixture of Real Milk Paint - Oyster Grey and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (Farmhouse White).

Of course, castors were added!

Wire was strung through several eyes so a curtain could be hung. I used Ikea Riktig Stainless Steel Curtain Hook with Clip, to attach a couple flour sack dish towels as a curtain.

I added a pull on one side of the cabinet so it could be easily moved.

I picture this in a kitchen for dry food storage.

However it could easily work in a bathroom to store towels and toilet paper.

Or in a kids room to store toys and books.  It would also work in the family room with a tv on top!

As much as I love this piece, it will be for sale at the Home and Patio Sale July 29 and 30 (yes I gave my sale a name!).  Mark your calendar and simply drive to NE 15th and Fremont in Portland and follow the signs to the sale location!


  1. How much? Can i preshop via email???

    1. I see awesome potential in my craft room or my new shop!!!

    2. I see awesome potential in my craft room or my new shop!!!

    3. Of course you can pre-shop! How about $30? Or trade for something you made?