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Friday, June 17, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

Welcome to Friday!  I have been lucky to have this week off so the thrill of Friday isn't as big for me.  None the less I have a few things to share.

Most of this week we've been in Central Oregon, just outside of Sunriver on the Fall River.  We stayed in a beautiful house I rented through VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner).  I've used this service many times to rent homes on vacation and have never been disappointed.  The homes we've stayed at have always been clean, comfortable, and exactly as listed.  The home we stayed at this year, was fabulous! 

We were literally just feet from the beautiful Fall River, which, I'm told is a great fly fishing river.  Unfortunately we didn't get any fish.  However, there wasn't a lot of fishing done, as my son and I were busy mountain biking on the incredible mountain bike trails close to the house.

My son spent at least 6 hours a day mountain biking and I was out there a good 2 hours a day.  The trails were a mountain biker's dream!

On the way home we stopped at Smith Rock.  Smith Rock is famous for rock climbers and there were quite a few climbing while we were there.  

I can't believe I've lived almost 50 years in Oregon and have never been there!  It was an incredible sight!

In my opinion the best time to visit Central Oregon is in June before it gets really hot (smoke from forest fires can get really bad) and after the winter snows have melted.  This year it was a little chilly in the mornings but the days were around 60 to 75 degrees, perfect for mountain biking!

Have a nice weekend, we're off to a Beer Festival in Eastern Oregon then it's back to work on Monday (*sad face*).


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