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Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

Another summer Friday is upon us!  We don't get many and here in the Pacific Northwest we get even fewer warm and sunny ones.  This one, however, is shaping up to be everything it should be.

Blooming in the garden this week is the fragrant hosta!  Man, I love this plant!  It grows so vigorous and beautiful and when it blooms, it's like a trip to the tropics.  It smells so lovely, a lot like my gardenia in scent.

Add to that, it can so easily be divided in the fall and replanted in other shady locations.
If you've got a shady, damp spot in your yard, plant a fragrant hosta!  I have two varieties, one is variegated and one isn't; they're both marvelous.

Last week I mentioned a favorite time waster of mine; using street view to meander through obscure towns.  Here's another tool to use if you've got some free time and want to travel the world as though you were in your own personal Tardis machine!  Once you find a location you like, click the arrows and explore!

Last weekend I made a new soap as part of my Fall Line; Gingerbread Milk & Honey.  If you like the sweet-spicy scent of ginger, you will love this new soap!  It's still curing and I'll make an announcement once it becomes available in the online store.

In my ongoing pursuit to improve my website soap pictures, Jeff and I spent part of last Saturday making a lightbox.  We followed these directions that call for a cardboard box, tissue paper and white poster board.  I then tried it out!
What do you think?

I took a lot of photos to end up with just a few I liked but that's the beauty of digital, it didn't cost me anything (just time!).

I'll keep practicing and updating the pictures as I refresh the stock.

Until then, pick up a few of these bars in the online store!

Enjoy your summer weekend!

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