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Friday, October 20, 2017

New: Oatmeal Ginger Goats' Milk Soap

Lora's Beauty is happy to announce another new fresh-from-the-goat goats' milk soap, Oatmeal Ginger!

This soap is made with finely ground oatmeal and fresh ginger. It's been widely known that nothing beats oatmeal for soothing skin and reducing inflammation caused from eczema and other skin rashes. It calms irritation by gently correcting the ph of inflamed and irritated skin.

Ginger's benefits for skin are not as well known, however, it contains over 40 antioxidant properties, meaning, 'hello glowing, radiant skin!'

This soap is scented with ginger and cassia essential oils giving it a beautiful spicy scent that lingers on the skin well after use.

The beautiful coral color occurs naturally from the cassia essential oil.  A little turmeric is added to provide the darker color in the bar. Turmeric is another natural choice to help soothe irritated skin.

The all natural ingredients in this bar will be a wonderful addition to any skincare routine. Fresh goats' milk, oatmeal, ginger and turmeric combined in one bar of soap will bring joy to your shower and your skin!

By the way, the Pine Tar Goats' Milk Soap is also available now in the online store.

I have a feeling this is going to be a popular bar, especially for the men out there. This bar screams rugged and outdoorsy (yet still being  gentle).

Also, did I mention pine tar is also great at neutralizing body odor?

Order now, from the online store!


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