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Friday, January 12, 2018

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

Right before Christmas this year I made an impulse purchase off Amazon and bought the Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker.  This machine takes frozen
fruit and makes soft serve sorbet!

In preparation for my new machine to arrive, I made a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up on some frozen fruit. Going to Trader Joe's right before Christmas was not the best idea I had, however I did make it home with frozen pineapple, mango, and coconut (I had no idea you could buy frozen coconut squares!)

Once my machine arrived, I was ready to try it out. For my first batch I used pineapple, coconut, bananas, and some chocolate chips. The machine worked great but I wasn't thrilled with my fruit mix so for the second batch I used just mango.

The instructions say to let the fruit thaw for 5-7 minutes before putting through the machine. With enough practice, I imagine I'll find the perfect amount of time to thaw the fruit so the sorbet is always smooth.
For now, I followed the instructions and after 6 minutes started putting my fruit in the machine and applying a little pressure.  The machine runs pretty quiet and as you can see, the sorbet was of a nice consistency.

I definitely preferred my second batch using just mangoes. I sprinkled a little shaved coconut on top and it was delicious! Best of all, it was just fruit, no added sugar or cream.

As for clean up, the machine easily breaks down into four pieces that can be rinsed off in the sink.

My only complaint is that quite a bit of the sorbet is left behind the blade. You can get it out only after you take the machine apart. This may not happen as much depending on the type of fruit you use and/or the amount of time you allow the fruit to thaw. I'll have to play around with it to be sure.

If you, like me, like kitchen appliances, be sure to check back next week as I share the MOTHER OF ALL KITCHEN APPLIANCES!

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