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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holiday Shopping, Shipping, and The Cost of Things Today

I'd like to start this post with a thank you. The year has been good for Lora's Beauty as sales have increased and for two months running I've been a Star Seller on Etsy. None of this would have been possible without my wonderful customers, many of whom are multiple return buyers. Thank you! I love making products that elevate everyday items to something luxurious and the fact that people actually buy them and enjoy them is beyond my expectations.

2021 hasn't been that great for all businesses though. As many people know the shipping industry has been hit hard with logistical problems causing slow downs on items arriving to our doors and stores. Due to basic supply and demand economics, this has meant the products that do show up usually costs more including supplies needed for soap making. Add to that, the cost of shipping has also increased. USPS, which I use to ship packages, has increased almost a dollar on the package size I use most often. All this appears to be culminating right at the holiday season. I say all this to encourage you to shop early this year especially if you plan to get packages in the mail. I will do my best to ship all orders I receive within one to two days and supply a tracking number. I have tried hard not to raise prices because I really want Lora's Beauty to be an affordable luxury, however, this month I had to increase the price on most my soaps by at least 25 cents. I did, remove the packaging requirement on my conditioner bar since cooler weather is here, bringing the cost down $2. 

Speaking of packaging, you may have noticed the new packaging for my Solid Dish Soap. I'm now packaging the bars in a box with my paper label. The box and label are both easily recycled. I made the change in hopes of giving the bars, my most popular items, the professional look the deserve and to protect them better. Many people order multiple bars at a time and the boxes should make storing them easier. They also look nice if you choose to gift a bar. If you prefer the old packaging, I can accommodate you, simply send me a message when ordering.

I've added a new item to my shop for the holiday season. Handmade, reusable face pads are an eco-friendly make-up remover. I use them to wash my face every night as they're the perfect size for rubbing over a bar of soap. These pads are sold in a package of three that includes two reusable white cotton pads for use daily and one colored scrubby cotton pad for weekly exfoliation. All pads are machine washable. A package of three and a couple handmade bars of soap would make a practical, inexpensive gift! 

I'm also offering 100% recyclable gift wrapping for an additional $3. Each gift wrapped box will hold up to 6 items, whether it's soap, face pads, or soap dishes.

Finally, for all those customers local to Portland, Oregon, I will be participating in two holiday bazaars so far. The first one will be at Hinson Baptist Church at 1137 SE 20th November 12-13 from 9:30 - 4. On December 4th I'll be at the German American Society at 5626 NE Alameda from 11am - 7 pm. Come see me and say hi!

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