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Monday, August 29, 2016

Backyard Porch Painting

Everyone needs to do at least one thing to their house that a real estate agent would cringe over.  Something that makes a potential buyer walk through your house and say, "hmmm, that's cute" as they make a mental note to get rid of it.

These things are important to a house.  It's what makes a house a home.  It's your personal touch.  Well today I'm going to share my personal touch...

 We finally finished it!  The backyard porch is no longer a chippy paint concrete pad surrounded by my new deck.

We took our own sweet time to do this because it's summer, it got hot, and we had other things we'd rather do.

But, bit by bit, and with everyone contributing, we gotter' done!

To begin with, Alec removed all the loose paint and repainted the concrete pad red again.  We could have stopped there but there's nothing personal about a red concrete pad.

So I picked out a rug pattern to paint and Jeff printed it on grid paper.  I went with a simple pattern because, well, I'm a little lazy when it comes to projects like this....

We then marked a grid on the concrete pad, measuring 1 1/2 inch squares.
We started to mark the lines with chalk but that was a messy mistake so we just used a pencil instead.

Jeff then used the printed image on grid paper and drew it on the concrete pad grid.  He's totally smart!  I would have never thought of that, nor had the patience to do it.  I would have just winged it and that seldom turns out as well.

Finally, we put paint to brush and started painting in the design.

It took a couple coats of paint and we just used paint we had lying around from house projects.  Finally, I outlined the design with a permanent maker.

We then sealed the whole thing with a clear concrete sealantto protect the image and make it last longer.

There it is, cringe all you real estate agents, we're not selling anyway!


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