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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Decor--DIY

Do you decorate for Fall? I've never liked the thought of decorations that come out once a year for a few weeks then are stored away. I think it's because I've been to too many estate sales where the basement is full of old, dusty Christmas decorations (so sad). Consequently, if I buy something for decoration, I leave it out all year long.

If you come to my house anytime of year, you'll see this Santa in the living room
and these pumpkins on the mantle.

I also like to use natural decorations and about this time of year I cut all the blooms off my hydrangeas to dry in vases. In the winter I love to pick up evergreen boughs for the mantle after a winter storm.

Then I saw this little pumpkin do-it-yourself and thought they'd make great outdoor decorations! They're waterproof and you could replace the cinnamon stick with a plain old stick!

This Etsy store sells the colored jar lids but you could easily spray paintsome jar lids you may already have!

Just punch a hole in the middle of the lids, or use mason jar rings, and string them together shaping them into a circle.  Here are better instructions.

Wouldn't a group of them in a basket on the porch make a fun Fall decoration?

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