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Friday, October 7, 2016

Recent Free Finds!

I've been out and about and have found some nice items for free (or close to it) lately! I haven't had a chance to work on them yet but here's a sneak peak at what I've found so far.

This table we picked up one evening coming home from an ice cream trip! Ice cream IS good for you!

I'm going to paint the legs and sides and hit the top with a sealant.  This table also needs a little shoring up but it's otherwise in nice shape.

Even my son is finding free stuff! He picked up this chair the other day.  I think I'll paint it similar to the table and make them a set.

This little chair is in excellent condition.  The seat is rawhide and is very sturdy.  I'll need to fix a couple nail holes in it but I'm not sure if I'll do much else to it. It was another great free find!

You can't go wrong picking up free windows! I've got plans for this one.

Did you see that little box peaking out from behind the window?

I may keep this, it looks like a homemade tool box.  I could definitely find a use for it!

Inside there's even a pull out tray!

And finally, this black beauty Jeff and I threw (heaved) unto the roof of the car last weekend.

I think it would make a great kitchen island. It even has a pull out cutting board. It will definitely be painted and I'll probably add a towel bar and some hooks on the side.

It already has casters and moves quite easily.

As I work through these items I'll post after pictures!  All of these (except maybe the box) will be in my Home and Patio Sale next July!

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