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Monday, October 31, 2016

Kitchen Update???

I've started floating the idea in my mind about redoing my kitchen counter top.  Maybe it started with me wanting a new stove? No, I think it started with me wanting a pretty tiled back-splash... Ah, hell, I don't know how it started but I do know that I'm getting the itch to do a little remodeling in the kitchen.

First off, as Jeff is happy to point out, there is nothing wrong at all with my current kitchen counter top and yes I did put it in but that was 20 years ago.  Can't a girl change her mind at some point?

Several years ago I got a new kitchen floor.  It's linoleum.

I purposely picked the color to match the counter top.

Therefore I think, in the interest of keeping peace in the house, I will start my kitchen redo with a little paint and forgo the counter top for now.

Since I've already got the red and yellow in the floor and counter top, I'm going to use this color schema.
My cabinet color is very close to the middle color.

My plan now is to paint the kitchen the tan color (#D5C2A1) with the middle color for the ceiling and trim. Because my kitchen has a curved wall into the hall, I will need to paint the hall as well, which is a pain because there are SEVEN doors!
I'm also debating about using wall paper on one wall, probably this one with the free standing cabinet.

There are so many cool wallpapers now like this white washed wood one.

I have really bad memories of peeling wall paper off walls but I'm tempted to try this one.

Or this rustic brick?

Even better yet, paintable wallpaper! This would work better in a kitchen, making the wallpaper easier to clean.

I'm partial to this square design.

I'm just floating some ideas right now but like I said, I'm getting the itch....

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