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Friday, February 10, 2017

Closet, Organized!

My son has a lot of clothes. He swears he wears them all but I have my doubts. Regardless, he has a pretty small closet so I got the great idea to help him organize it! He was thrilled (not really)!

Here's what we started with.

At one point, in an effort to organize the closet, I picked up these metal racks for his shoes at Ikea.  When your shoes are a size 12 they probably aren't worth installing since only 5 pair fit on them.

This time we were going to do better! I ordered this closet organizer from Amazon.

It sat in the basement for a few weeks before we got the courage and time to tackle installing it. Last Saturday we finally blocked out a few hours and did it! *Worth it*

To begin with, we removed everything from the closet including the metal Ikea racks.

No, we didn't paint the closet and no we didn't even patch any screw holes. It's a closet and it will be packed with clothes so *not worth it*.

We then followed the instructions (yes, you read that right, we followed the instructions) and put the tower together first. Once together, we secured the tower to the wall with the L-brackets that came in the box.

Next we installed the rods. The kit comes with three rods so we put two to the right of the tower and one to the left.

Lastly, we put the clothes back in!

The new arrangement now holds all his clothing. Before, his jeans were thrown on the couch. If you scroll to the before pictures you'll notice there are no jeans in the picture.

Every now and then I peak into his room just to look at the beauty of an organized (although crammed) closet!

This little project took Alec and I about 3 hours start to finish and that included a break to call a plumber because the shower backed up (another story).

Moral of this story: If you've got a closet that needs some TLC, I'd recommend setting aside a few hours and installing this organizer!

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