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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lora's Beauty Review

Good things are happening at Lora's Beauty!

"So, in my opinion...Lora's Beauty is a company that offers very high-quality, clean, eco-friendly and hand made products. True beauty is found at Lora's Beauty "

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainy Weekend

Spent most of this rainy weekend working on products for the online store.

New and Improved Body Butter! I improved the body butter, in my opinion, by adding a touch of olive oil to the already great ingredients. The olive oil will work as a great skin moisturizer and it will keep the butter a little softer so it will go on smoother. Because Lora's Beauty products are all natural, temperature and other outside conditions can affect the products. The body butter is particularly affected by temperature. Just like regular butter, it will get harder in colder conditions. The new and improved body butter with olive oil will help keep the butter and your skin a little softer in the colder winter months ahead.

A new and improved lip balm!. I added more cranberries to the product for a little more color. The lip balm is a must have in the cold weather. It will protect your lips from chapping and give them a nice, natural color.

More Soap! More of the safflower and honey soap is curing. This soap should be your go to winter soap. The safflower threads help soothe chapped, dry skin and the honey adds a touch of skin softener to the soap. It's also a beautiful bar and has a nice natural scent that's not too feminine.

Bigger Salt Bombs! Fulfilling a request from a customer, Lora's Beauty will have bigger Salt Bombs. These bombs will come in a two pack and will be good for two nice big, long soaks. The regular bombs will still be available in a package of three.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Shopping at Lora's Beauty

Lora's Beauty has added 3 new holiday gift sets to help with your holiday shopping this year. All sets are under $20 and are guaranteed one-of-a-kind!

There's a gift for the man in your life. A beer bar shampoo, soothing face balm, skin and saddle sore salve, and a wheat germ, milk & honey soap make up this great gift.

For the vanilla lover, a cocoa butter vanilla soap, vanilla body butter, vanilla sugar scrub, and a vanilla lip gloss combine to make a perfect gift.

Another perfect gift for the person who has everything is a four pack of Lora's best soaps. Lavender spa bar, cinnamon milk & honey, lemon verbena, and raspberry aloe vera soaps make up this gift set.

Don't forget the Cinnamon Holiday gift set as well.

Four great options for just about everyone on your list. All gift sets come with a holiday bag and raffia.

Choose Lora's Beauty for your holiday shopping!