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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lora Answers...your 40 year old questions!

Here's something fun we're going to try at Lora's Beauty, an advice column!  This isn't any old advice column, however.  This advice column is answering questions written into magazine beauty editors over 40 years ago. It's interesting to see the questions asked and the advice given. So...let's get started with the first question:

I'm going on a bicycle camping trip with very little room for cosmetics. Which would you consider the essentials?

Answer 40 years ago:
Why not let your natural beauty shine through? Your eyes will be bright and clear from the healthy exercise, and your cheeks glowing from the increased circulation in your body. However, a must is a tiny bottle of Ten-O-Six Lotion to keep your skin clean. Exercise your body, Ten-O-Six your face. Twice a day wherever you are.  Add a moisturizer and a possible suntan lotion for protection and you're off packing. Enjoy the trip!

Lora's Answer Today:
First off, I must say, this is the BEST BEAUTY QUESTION EVER! In fact, it brings up a bunch of questions I have, such as: Where did you go?  What kind of bike did you ride?  How many miles a day did you do?  Did you travel in a group, solo, or just a couple people?  What was the best part of travelling by bike?  What was the worst?  Did you follow the beauty advice given to you 40 years ago?  Did you get sunburned?  Did you get skin cancer?  I hope not.  

Answering that question today, however, I would advice that you carry LOTS of sunscreen and not just any sunscreen, but Lora's Beauty Face and Body Sunscreen.  It's made with zinc oxide and is free of suspect chemicals like parabens, oxybenzone, PABA and retinyl palmitate. I would also recommend carrying Lora's Beauty Skin and Saddle Sore Salve. This salve will protect your skin from prolonged exposure to riding in a saddle. This salve is also all natural without sulfates. Take a bar of Lora's Beer Shampoo and Soap as well. Again, an all natural, chemical free soap that will do double duty on your bike trip. Finally, toss in a Lora's Beauty Pocket Washcloth to help scrub off the road grime. This washcloth is light weight and contains a little loop on it that will work perfectly hooked over your handlebars to dry! I hope you enjoyed your trip!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Old Beer

Anyone remember this product?  I found it in a Seventeen  magazine from 1979.    If you liked it in the 70's chances are  you'll like the Lora's Beauty version as well.  

B vitamins, the proteins found in malt and hops, are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body. Meanwhile, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine.
Lora's version comes with the added benefit of being all natural with no added chemicals or sulfates.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Skin Care Links

I found some interesting links regarding skin care I'd like to share.

This article is about how people who lead a simple lifestyle, have a healthy diet, and limit their exposure to personal health care product chemicals have low rates of obesity, diabetes, and infertility.


Here's another article about the unhealthy ingredients in sunscreens and how they may be linked to endometriosis in women.


And again on the topic of sunscreen...here's a great picture to illustrate why it is important to wear sunscreen (with healthy ingredients).


Have allergies? Common chemicals found in soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other personal care products may make them worse.


I've written a previous blog about the best type of Lora's Beauty soap for your skin type. Unsure of your skin type though? Here's an article to help you find out what type you have.