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Monday, June 7, 2021

What Will My Package Look Like?

In an ongoing effort to further green my business I've changed my labeling and packaging. Soap labels will now be entirely paper and include the new Lora's Beauty logo. Individual soap will be wrapped as usual with a paper band and then secured with the new paper labels making the whole branding recyclable. 

Greening the business doesn't stop there though, all soap will then be wrapped in paper to prepare it for mailing and placed in a cardboard box taped together with eco-friendly paper tape! 

Larger orders will continue to mail using the USPS (US Postal Service) flat rate envelopes or flat rate boxes depending on the size of the order. Using the flat rate envelopes and boxes greatly increases the efficiency of the post office.

If you purchase one of the many beautiful ceramic dishes offered in the Etsy shop, your dish will arrive wrapped in paper and then wrapped in some type of reused bubble packaging for further protection.


Your package then makes the trip to the post office either on bike or foot!

These changes are all part of my effort to keep Lora's Beauty as environmentally friendly as possible.