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Monday, May 27, 2024

Shop Updates: Exciting New Products to Spruce Up Your Home (and Reduce Your Footprint)!

I'm so excited to announce several brand new goodies that landed in my store this year!

My new 3" round Eucalyptus Orange Dish Soap was a requested scent from a customer. This new scent (also available in the 2.25" size), along with all my dish soaps has a plant-based formula that cuts through grease like nobody's business, plus it's gentle on your hands and smells amazing thanks to the invigorating essential oils. In addition, all my dish soaps are free of harsh chemicals and dyes, so you can feel good about using them around your family and the environment.

I heard you loud and clear – you love the conditioner bars, but you wanted a bigger size. I listened! My new, larger conditioner bars offer all the same nourishing goodness but in a longer-lasting package. The new size will be an ounce bigger than my current bar, weighing 3.75 oz. Perfect for those who love the convenience and sustainability of bar conditioners.

Add a timeless touch to your kitchen with my new line of vintage-colored ceramic dishes. These beautiful, muted colors are designed to fit my 3” round and 2.25” inch round dish soaps. These high-quality handmade ceramic dishes are sure to complement any kitchen d├ęcor and add a touch of nostalgic elegance. 

I've also stocked new vintage colors for my square dishes.

I'm passionate about creating sustainable products that are also high-quality and effective.  These new additions are perfect for anyone who wants to make their home a little greener, without sacrificing convenience or style.

Head over to my website or Etsy Shop to check out the new Eucalyptus Orange Dish Soap, larger conditioner bars, and vintage colored ceramic dishes (dishes available on Etsy Shop only.) I can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your sustainable home routine.