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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exciting Changes on Web Site

I'm s.l.o.w.l.y updating my website.  I've upgraded some photos (still not perfect though) and I've made subject specific pages.  Now if you click on a picture of an item at Lora's Beauty you can see more subject related information and feedback regarding the item.  I hope to add even more pictures to these pages but for now, check it out.  
On a related note, I also changed my mobile redirect gadget (this is the gadget that detects what device a person is using to access Lora's Beauty Homepage) so iPad's will no longer be directed to the mobile version of Lora's Beauty.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another New Product!

Yesterday I spent part of the day of a partly rainy day to try out a new whipped shea butter cream recipe.  LOVE IT!

This cream is made of organic shea butter, organic rice bran oil, and organic coconut oil.  The oils are then whipped until they are light, fluffy, and luxurious.

This cream could have multiple uses.  Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer, providing elasticity to  skin and luster to hair.

Rice bran oil is rich in vitamins B and E.  It also increases the skin's elasticity and softens and hydrates the skin.  Rice bran oil is great for providing shine and limiting hair's split ends without leaving your hair greasy feeling.

With a little coconut oil added to the cream and you now have a weapon against flaky scalp and skin.

Lora's Beauty sells Whipped Shea Butter Cream in the online store for $8.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lora Answers Your 40-Year Old Questions

It's time once again to answer those burning questions that were sent in to beauty magazines 40-plus years ago!  

It's amazing to me how time moves on but beauty questions remain surprisingly the same...

Since winter, my skin has been super dry--especially on my legs. It hurts to shave them, and I'm not able to get as close a shave as I'd like. What should I do?
Judith H.

Answer 40 years ago:
Dear Judith, After a winter's worth of cold, dry air, it's to be expected that your skin would need pampering-especially the areas you shave. When you use a razor, start with a sharp blade, they'll be less irritating to your skin. And never, never shave dry skin-you can end up with a razor burn. If you shave with soap and water, use a soap that contains moisturizing creams.  Afterward, for extra smoothing, you can use a rich cream or lotion. But do wait a bit before applying it. Reason: Skin is often sensitive just after shaving, and lotions may cause irritation then.

Lora's Answer:
Actually, I'm ok with the answer given 40 years ago.  Sometimes the questions AND the answers remain the same.  I will add that Lora's Beauty has a great super-fatted moisturizing soap that would work great for shaving--the Cocoa Butter Soap.  Additional Cocoa Butter is added during the hand-milled stage of soap making creating a very moisturizing bar.
After showering, or better yet while you're still in the shower, apply Lora's Body Butter.  Only natural, nourishing ingredients are used to limit the chance of skin irritation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Good Beauty and Skin Articles and Links

I've probably harped on this a bit much, but here's another endorsement for washcloths and don't forget to checkout Lora's Beauty Pocket Washcloth.


Haven't heard of BB creams until I read this article.  Have to say, I'm not completely convinced but they're interesting.

Having problems deciding whether a skin care product has expired?  Here's a good article that helps you decide.  None of Lora's Beauty moisturizes or butters contain water or chemical preservatives.  It's best to use them within a year.  Lora's soaps can last a couple years at least, however, the essential oil scents may diminish over time.