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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Types of Soaps

All the soaps at Lora's Beauty are made via the cold-process soap-making technique. This process involves combining lye and animal fats (or vegetable oils) and water through a process called saponification.

Lora's soaps are then rebatched or hand-milled. Rebatching involves grating the cold-processed soap like you would grate a block of cheese. The grated soap is then melted with milk at a low temperature. Rebatching soap allows for better integration with essential oils and herbal additives that would normally be damaged by the lye when applied directly to cold-processed soap. Rebatching also provides a finer, longer lasting bar.

Rebatching or hand-milled soap differs from a soap that is French-milled. French-milled soap is a commercial method of milling soap. It involves running soap base through stainless steel rollers. Hot and cold water is alternatively run through the rollers.

Store bought soap is most likely not soap at all but detergent. Soap, by definition, involves combining oils and lye through saponification. Detergents, on the other hand, contain petroleum distillants rather than fats or oils.

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