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Friday, February 14, 2014

More on Soap Stamping

Last night I stamped quite a bit of soap and wanted to pass on some techniques I discovered while doing it.  

  • When stamping soap press straight down.  Use little but uniform force as you do so.
  • My stamp is clear acrylic. This is helpful in that I can see the stamped image through the stamp as I'm doing it.  I can see where a little more pressure needs exerted to make the image uniform.  I then press the stamp a little more in the areas that need it.
  • To remove the stamp from the soap I find it's easier if you *gently* rock the stamp slightly back and forth to release the soap.  I have found that pulling straight up sometimes pulls some of the soap off with the stamp.
  • As always, wait at least 5 days after unmolding your soap before you try stamping it.  
Please excuse the photo.  It's just a cell phone photo and not that great but I wanted to pass on some more information regarding soap stamping.

I purchased my soap stamp from this etsy store and have really liked it.  You can read some other tips to stamping soap I wrote in a previous post.

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