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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some Great Skincare Links

I've been posting a lot of skincare links on my google+ page lately.  If you're not following me there, please do so to get the most up-to-date Lora's Beauty news!  I'm definitely NOT going to ignore this blog though, so I wanted to share some of the links I've found here.

Are you ready for summer?  How about some homemade bug spray!?  Here's a great link to make your own basil mosquito spray.

Need some flushable, inexpensive baby wipes?  Try this recipe.  Don't think you need flushable baby wipes?  Well, take a look at this article to change your mind.  You might want to look at this with an empty stomach, though.

This smoothie sounds great and is good for your skin!  It's packed with raspberries just like Lora's Beauty Raspberry Aloe soap, also great for your skin!

And in case you need any more reasons to buy natural skincare products, check out this link and this link and this link.

For all you men out there, ever wonder if too many beards can be a bad thing?  Well, I don't think so especially with Lora's Beauty Beard Oil available, but this article has an interesting take on it.  While we're talking men, here's a fun take on how to be a gentleman, hint...get rid of your cats.

That does it for now but you can check out more great links and product information on my google+ page!


  1. Very interesting source would like to share this to my friends this will be very helpful.

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    1. Thank you James. Feel free to share as you'd like.


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