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Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Things for Friday

Wow!  What a beautiful week we've had.  Blue sky
and 60 degree weather; can't beat that for February, unless your a polar bear (*sad*).

Weather like this makes me really appreciate those early blooming plants, like the delicate daffodil and the hellebore, that get you even more excited for Spring!

This week I'm really loving my Japanese Cornelian Cherry Tree!  This tree is always an early bloomer and I appreciate the fact that it's yellow and not pink, what with all the other cherry trees about to bloom pink this tree really stands out (look at that blue sky!!!).  Although it's called a cherry tree, it's actually a dogwood so if you ask for it at your local nursery, tell them that (they probably already know though).

What's a week without me talking about boots?  So, keeping with the boot theme, I found this article about what to look for in a good boot.  I totally agree with #2--Make Sure They're Resole-able!  Have you ever got a pair of shoes or boots resoled before?  It's like getting a new pair but better because they're already soft and broken in!

How many times have you or your child been sick and the last thing you wanted to do was drive to the doctor's office and sit and wait in a waiting room with other sick and miserable people?  Side story: one time I took my son to the emergency room because he was under the weather and he was developing marks all over his body.  As soon as we showed up they got us in right away, diagnosed him with chicken pox and quickly ushered us out the back door.  That was the fastest I've ever been seen in an emergency room!  Moral of the story, if you want to be seen right away, show up with a highly contagious disease! Actually, don't.  Today there is a better way.  Doctor on Demand, Now Clinic, and American Well are new ways you can remain in your bed, reach for your laptop or phone and talk face to face with a doctor who can, if necessary, even write you a prescription!  Most online visits do not require an in office follow up visit, per Doctor on Demand's website and most online visits cost around $40, covered by some health plans.  I wish this was around when my son was young and we made all those midnight urgent care or emergency room visits for ear infections!

This cracked me up:

I love that they included every possible non-related item popular on the internet in the title. Cat. Steampunk. Vintage. Upcycled.  Aaaand it's adorable!

Have a beautiful weekend!  I've got another great casserole recipe coming up next  week and I hope to get those long-awaited planter boxes made!

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