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Friday, April 8, 2016

Five Things for Friday

Again with Friday already!  Yes, we've made it to another Friday.  It seems like I write a lot about the weather.  So, not to break stride, this week was beautiful and the weekend promises to be as well.

You can imagine then that I'm deliriously happy that the deck is finished!  All we have left to do, and we're doing it ourselves (well, Jeff) is install the low voltage lights into the steps.  The wiring is there and ready.

 I have purchased 3 step lights like these for installation around the top steps.  You can see the holes and wires in the picture above (click on the photo to enlarge).

The dry rot was also fixed using Dap 21506 Plastic Wood Filler, 16-Ounce.

Now I've just got to move everything back on the deck and patio and we'll be ready to enjoy it.  Need to keep this little bugger inside and off of it.  Audrey's an indoor cat, can't you just see in her eyes her thoughts?  "If only I could get out there, that little spot there, in the sun, would be perfect to stretch out in...."

Speaking of enjoy, what's a post without a flower picture?  This week's featured flower is the lilac.
 These beauties are in full bloom right now and the air is sweetly scented with their aroma.  If you have access to a bush, lilacs can make great cut flowers but they need a little extra care.  It's best to cut them in the morning and immediately place the stems in a bucket of warm water, 100 -110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fill a clean vase with warm water and a flower preservative.  If you don't have a flower preservative, you can easily make one by mixing two tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon of bleach in a quart of warm water.

Cut any leaves or flowers that may be submerged in your vase and quickly transfer the flowers from the bucket to the vase.  Replace the water and preservative whenever it appears cloudy.

Our Netflix binge this week has been Archer as season 6 is available for streaming.  Another exceptionally funny show but probably only suitable for adults. Archer is sure to offend everyone so if you're a sensitive person, best to not watch.

One last thing before I sign off.  Can't leave without a shameless promotion of my newest soap.  Lora's Beauty Little Black Bar made with activated charcoal is now available in the online store!  Problem skin?  Pick up a few bars!

Enjoy your weekend!

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