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Friday, January 20, 2017

Honey Hopped Soap

What with the long weekend, a week of snow days, and a couple days of freezing rain, I was able to find the time to make a new soap I've been wanting to make for a while now.

Honey Hopped Soap is made with dried Cascade hops brewed as a tea then used in place of goats' milk in my soap recipe.

Cascade hops are the most widely used hops by craft brewers.  They have a flowery, spicy, citrus-like scent and are rich in alpha acids. Alpha acids are commonly used in skincare products for skin rejuvenation.

Used as a shampoo, brewed hops are wonderful for your hair, fighting dandruff and adding extra shine.

I added honey to this soap to provide additional moisturizing benefits. The soap is then scented with lemongrass and cassia essential oils. This is the first soap I've used cassia essential oil in and I really hope it holds the scent! It's a beautiful, warm, citrus scent and when added with the lemongrass, the soap smells like a citrus beer on a warm summer day. I also believe it's the cassia essential oil that created the lovely orange-pink color of the soap.

For appearances I added a dried hop to each bar. You'll want to remove it when you shower as it's just decoration.

A couple bars of Honey Hopped Soap and you'll have your soap and shampoo covered!

Look for it in the online store in a few weeks.

Speaking of the online store, the Lavender Meringue Goats' Milk Soap has been restocked and is now available.

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