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Friday, October 27, 2017

A Few Things I've Found and Love

Sometimes you run into a few things you really like and want to tell someone about, such is the case with these items.

First up, is this coffee my son actually found and brought back from his trip to Borneo.

It's lightly sweetened and makes the BEST ICE COFFEE EVER! I can't say I love it hot, but iced, it rocks! It comes in little bags, much like a tea bag. Simply toss a bag in a large mason jar and add cool water and let it steep in the fridge a few hours. When you want a quick coffee fix, pour it over ice. It's perfectly sweetened but add a little milk or cream if you like your coffee that way.

I just ALWAYS pack my lunch for work. On a whim, I picked up these reusable wraps:

I love that they're reusable, clean up easily with a soapy, wet cloth, and stay sealed in my lunch bag. Since they are made with bees wax, you simply close them and they seal from the warmth of your hands. Best of all, no more wasteful plastic wrap!

Have you tried Gin-Gins yet?

A couple years ago, a lady at work gave me one of these and since then I've ordered them faithfully. They're chewy and have a strong ginger taste as they're made with fresh ginger and because of that, they're good to ease an upset stomach. I've even tossed one into hot water and made a wonderful ginger tea! These candies would work great for Halloween trick-or-treaters and you won't mind being stuck with a bunch of leftover candy!

And finally there's this water filtration system:

I bought this for my son for his trip to Borneo. He ended up not needing to use it but we tried it out at home and it works great! It takes up very little room so packs easily in a backpack. It's so simple to use and there's no waiting to drink the water. You fill up the bladder, attach the filter and can drink right from it! This will be going in our Earthquake Preparedness Kit for sure (once I get it started.)

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