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Thursday, May 14, 2020

New Ceramic Soap Dishes!

Hello world. It's been two months now in quarantine and aside from the people I live with, everyone else I've talked to have either been on a phone, computer screen, or 6 feet away. Life goes on though even if it feels like I'm watching it from the outside.

Some people, like my friend Bob, have been busy creating beautiful things like the new soap dishes I've added to my etsy shop!

These soap dishes are one of a kind and specially designed for use with my solid dish washing soap. Each one has a pattern on them to hold the block of soap securely to the dish.

Choose between sweet turtles,

beautiful dragonflies,

psychedelic flowers,

or delicate leaves.

Each dish sits on silicone feet that limit slipping as you work up a lather and a small lip keeps soap contained.

I've been using one of these myself for several weeks now and love how the soap and the dish stay put as I apply soap to my brush.

These dishes  will look so much prettier sitting next to your sink than a plastic bottle and will be eco-friendly as well!

Supplies are limited and each dish is different. Check out the selection available now here.

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