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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Let's Talk Dish Washing

One of my best selling products lately is my dish washing bar and it was a review I received on this item that got me to thinking.

The review wasn't exactly glowing, which is fine, I learn a lot from all my reviews and really do try to make changes when I see suggestions. Anyway, here's the review:

"Smells great but doesn't go terribly far and had a tendency to make the fat sit on the surface of the water instead of emulsifying. Everything will need rinsing."

There were a couple things I pondered about this review but the last sentence stopped me in my tracks, "Everything will need rinsing."  Doesn't everyone rinse their dishes after washing them? To answer that question, I did the next logical thing and googled it and I learned something!

Come to find out, no, not everyone rinses their dishes after washing them and it appears to be a cultural difference as pointed out in this article:

Home debate: Do you rinse the soap off your dishes after they've been washed?

I always knew people had their preference when it came to washing dishes. Some like to fill a tub of water with soap and wash all the dishes in that water while some (myself included) wash dishes under running water. A person could argue the environmental benefit to washing dishes in a tub of water, but I'm not going to judge, I just never knew there was ever a debate as whether to rinse the soap off or not so I thought I'd share and ask, have you heard of this before? Are you in the rinse or no rinse camp?

I have got many great reviews on my solid dish bar even though I decided not to share those,  all the same I've included a video of how I use the bar to wash dishes, I think it works best this way.

I've now added a new listing to my etsy store for 3 bars of Solid Dish Soap (one of each scent) for $20!

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