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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did I Really Bring That Home?!

Back when the weather was nice (doesn't that seem like ages ago!) I picked this up on the curb along with this swing arm vanity.  As is quite obvious, this little trunk was very dirty.

It sat in my work room all Fall while I worked up the courage to even clean it!  But clean it I did and then the possibilities for it became more obvious.

Honestly though, it's hard to beat a trunk for a purposeful piece of furniture.  It could be used for a toy chest, foot stool, bench, laundry basket, the possibilities are endless.

Painting the trunk was an obvious next step as it was already painted and not some fine piece of wood furniture. I used milk paint to paint it.
This color is Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (Boxwood)

I lined the bottom of it with contact paper and then it sat for several more weeks as the holidays came and went.

I knew I wanted to upholster the top of it so it could be used as a bench/foot stool.  I had a hard time deciding what to upholster it with though.

I finally decided on 40" Wide X 2 Yard Long Natural Burlap  This burlap was a great price and I'm very pleased with the quality and looks of it.

I also purchased some new hinges because the old ones really weren't strong enough to move the lid up and down.

With everything now in hand, I went about upholstering the top of the trunk. 

And then reassembling it. Here's a look from the back. 

Here's another before....

....and a couple after pictures! 

Yes I did bring it home and I'm glad I did!

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