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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lora's Beauty at *I**AM Yoga

Starting this week, you can now purchase Lora's Beauty Goats' Milk or Beer Soap at *I**AM Yoga!   I will be featuring only soaps at this point and the price will remain the same as on my website, $5 each.  In addition, I'm offering a special at the studio where you can get 5 bars for $22!

If you want to look before you buy and happen to be in Portland, visit *I**AM Yoga at 13th and Alberta to view and smell the soaps available.

I'm very proud of the display I put together for the studio.  I was having a hard time deciding on what to use to display my soaps.  I needed something with low sides so people could view the contents from a few feet away.

Thankfully, my significant other made this excellent tray for me.

I painted it using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (Boxwood), distressed it a little, and finished it with Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil 250ml.

I love chalkboard paint!  I want to paint everything with chalkboard paint!  Luckily, I've managed to control myself.

Here's a photo of the display at the yoga studio.  As always, you can purchase these all natural artisan soaps on my website as well.

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