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Friday, January 15, 2016

Five Things I Love This Week

Well, we made it to Friday.  I always feel a sense of accomplishment when Friday comes.  Five days of waking up at 6:00 AM, five bike rides to work (five rides home but they don't count because I always have a tailwind and birds singing in my ear on the ride home), five lunches packed and five dinners made.  Yes, Friday is an accomplishment.  To celebrate, I bring you "Five Things I Love This Week".
  • Bicycle Oven Mitt.  Keeping with the kitchen/food/drink fascination I've been on, I found this oven mitt to blend several of my favorite things.

  • Handmade Bread Knife.  Yep, still on the food obsession.  I can almost call myself an experienced bread maker, having recently completed three loafs!  Read about my experience here, here, and here.  This knife looks beautiful and functional, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

  • Linen Apron.  One thing about bread making you can count on, you will get flour all over yourself.  Enter this beautiful linen apron.
  • Hand Loomed Bath Towel.  Now this is just a splurge.  I love hand loomed towels but I've only splurged enough to buy hand towels.  Would love to one day have one or two of these.  Perhaps I need a loom....

  • Himalayan Salt Bar Goat Milk Soap.  This artisan soap smells like a lemon tree and is a natural, moisturizing way to bring luxury to your bath, especially if you can't afford hand loomed bath towels! 

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