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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sidewalk Find!

Who are these people that leave such awesome stuff on the sidewalk for free?

This past weekend, while walking to yoga class, I came across this door.

What a beautiful door!  The thing is made of hardwood and it must weigh about 30 lbs.  Naturally, it was coming home with me.

Since I didn't have any idea what I would use it for, I did the logical thing and browsed all the "shutter door re-purposed" images on Pinterest.

My first thought was to paint it but after I looked at it again I felt the wood was too nice to paint over.
Then I thought of the perfect place for it, my bathroom.

This blank wall would be a  great spot and who needs a blank wall?   Sure there's the light switch, but I can work around that!

I needed an extra place to hang a towel.  The hook just hangs over the back of the door so I didn't even need to pick up a screw driver for this transformation.

There are some nicer hooks out there though, I think I'll pick this one up.

Now my son has a place to hang his wet towel!

As a bonus, we can still turn the lights and fan on, our hands can slide easily behind the door.

Thank you to all those anonymous people who place great stuff on the sidewalk for free!

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