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Friday, May 20, 2016

Five Things for Friday

Cheers to another Friday!  I hope your week was eventful, productive, enjoyable, and all in all good.

The flower of the week this week is the honeysuckle!  Wow!  What a punch this flower packs!  The sweetly scented flowers are wildly attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators.

The honeysuckle vines are evergreen and heat tolerant.  As you can see, they are also vigorous growers so if you plant one do so on a sturdy large trellis.  You'll be rewarded with the flowers and sweet scent for weeks!

Today is my son's birthday!  Twenty two years ago today...
I can't help myself!  I always think of this scene when it's his birthday!

We're actually celebrating it tomorrow as we're going out to breakfast, his favorite meal.  Since it's his birthday, he gets to pick where we go.  So, it's off to Village Inn!  Yes, with all the AWESOME breakfast places in town, he picks Village Inn!  *sigh*  At least there won't be a wait.

I'm always on the lookout for new, easy recipes where you don't have to make a visit to the grocery store to buy ingredients.  Here's a casserole recipe I found where you line the bottom of a dish with bread and throw whatever you have leftover in your fridge and bake it for an hour at 425 degrees.  Sounds interesting and I'll definitely be trying it soon!

Are you out of soap yet?  Ever wonder how grocery store soap is made?  Here's a video (WHA! Two videos in one post!?) showing how it's done.  This is NOT how soap is made at Lora's Beauty, a video of that will be forth coming.  Rest assure, however, it involves no Extruder machines!  Lora's Beauty soap is crafted entirely by hand and in small batches using only natural ingredients!  Your skin will know the difference.

 We're in for another rainy weekend so that means more work in my basement studio (also known as the laundry room).  I finished this wonderful cabinet and will share it with you Monday.

Next up on the workbench is this chair I found FREE on the sidewalk.

I've also got an old window I'm going to paint and spray the glass with this mirror paint. Have you ever tried this?

Have a great weekend and check back Monday for my primitive cabinet reveal!  It's awesome!

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