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Friday, November 11, 2016

Welcome Ed and Olive

We had to go to the pet shop anyway. Sure it was a rainy Saturday and we didn't have much going on so a trip to the pet shop was a necessary distraction.

We have this routine when we go to the pet shop, first I grab a cup of free coffee (I know, awesome pet shop!) we then visit the cats who want adopted. Then we visit the bunnies if there are any, then we go to the bird section, and last we get what we came for.

On this particular day, the cats were both snuggled deep in their snuggle sacks so we couldn't see them and there were no bunnies. The birds though, they were awake and very social!

There were Budgies (green and blue), owl finches, and even a couple Macaws (one was the store bird and the other was vacationing at the store while it's owners were gone). There were also two cockatiels that instantly perked up when we walked over.

They were so social and seemed to understand the baby nonsense talk I was saying to them!

However, we ended up buying what we needed and leaving with out them.

Once home, we did a little research about what it took to care for a cockatiel. After a couple hours, we decided we had what it took!

Back to the pet store we went and this time we returned home with Ed and Olive.

Apparently you need a blood test to actually tell the sex of the birds but from everything we've read, I think we've got a male and a female.

They've warmed up to us very quickly and we had them out of the cage the same day we brought them home.  Usually, they need a few days to adjust to a new home so we feel lucky they are so social.

I've never had birds as pets before. From what I've read, they're very much like a young child. They like to play, and you can teach them colors, to count and to speak.

Welcome Ed and Olive!

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