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Friday, June 16, 2017

How Can It Get Any BETTER!?

How can Lora's Beauty handmade soap be improved? That was the question I asked myself one day. We already use organically sourced herbs and the finest oils and butters.

Each artisan bar is than scented with pure essential oils, not fragrance oils, and because we love the rain forest, we never use palm oil.

So how can it get any better? The answer came to me one day at my day job when I found one of my co-workers had goats and loads of  goats' milk to share!

After talking to him we worked out some logistics and the next day I found a gallon of goats' milk on my desk. I hauled it home on my bike that evening and the next Saturday I was making a new batch of Honey and Safflower soap made with not just goats' milk but FRESH-FROM-THE-GOAT-GOATS'-MILK!

Previously, I used organic powdered goats' milk I reconstituted. However, as I was mixing this new batch of soap I could tell the difference right away.  It just seemed creamier. Almost like vanilla milkshake creamy. Seriously, it looked decadent! 

For now, Lora's Beauty Shop is stocked with Honey and Safflower FRESH-FROM-THE-GOAT-GOATS'-MILK-SOAP and I'll be transitioning all my goats' milk soap over to FRESH-FROM-THE-GOAT-GOATS'-MILK-SOAP soon!

Oh, by the way, did I mention these were show goats as well? Nothing but the best I tell you!

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