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Friday, June 30, 2017

Rolling Kitchen Cart

Wow, this cart really sat for a while, 8 months to be exact. We originally picked this up off the side of the road after a day at the Greek Festival back in October. It was thrown (figuratively speaking) on the roof rack of the car and pushed into the laundry room/work room of the house where it sat. And sat. It sat so long stuff began to get piled on it and it risked getting lost and forgotten.

Besides needing painted, it was missing a back. I'm not sure why there was no back considering it was on casters and rolled quite nicely.

It took all Spring but the weather finally changed and we were able to drag the table saw outside and make a back for it. Once the back was on, the project became just a little bit more doable.

Before painting it, I added a little decorative lip to the top of it.

I also sanded and seasoned the cutting board with mineral oil.

I added two little stays to the sides of the cutting board so it wouldn't get shoved in too far and hit the new back of the cart.

I also added a hook to hang a dish towel.

Finally, I painted it! I used Real Milk Paint, Cheesecake colorfor the base and the top I painted in Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint, Linen White.

Since I pictured this being used in a kitchen, I sealed the top with varathane.

After I cleaned the inside drawers and cupboards, I lined them with contact paper.

I love the knobs and kept them on the cart!

This versatile rolling cart will be available in the Home and Patio Sale July 28, 29th in Portland. Go to NE 17th and Fremont and follow the signs!

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