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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It's Here!

It's hard to believe but a few weeks ago the wonderful, life-changing purchase I made back in February finally arrived!

My new Vanmoof X2 electric bike!

I worked from home that day and even took the afternoon off so I could put it together.

There were videos to watch to help assemble the bike. Here I am at step 2, removing the packaging. Step one was remove the bike from the box; check!

So far so good, we have power! The display, showing number of bars of power and speedometer, is embedded in the top tube.

After installing the front wheel and pedals, raising the seat and turning the handlebars around, I'm ready to get the bike app! Yes, there's an app. It works as an option to lock/unlock the bike, set the alarm, and shows the location of the bike, among other things.

The bike is a pedal assist so it won't move unless I pedal and the motor, which is in the front wheel hub, won't propel you past 20 mph.
Look how happy I am and that was before I had even ridden the bike! Now, after several weeks of ownership I still have a smile on my face each time I take off on it.

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