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Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Evenings

There's something about a summer evening.  Is it the length of it?  The way the shadows stretch long across the ground?  The warmth?

Saturday evening found us at our favorite blackberry picking spot.  Although the day was mostly overcast, the evening sun made an appearance and warmed us as we fished and picked blackberries along the river side.

There are a few things in life I will not share because I do not want them over used.  The name of my hairdresser, an inexpensive plumber, and the location of our blackberry picking spot are among those things I don't divulge.

For several years (6?) we've made several trips a summer to our spot to pick blackberries.

We fish
and seldom catch anything...

We pack some snacks,

admire the wildflowers,

and of course, pick blackberries!  These babies became jam the next day!

Here's a great, low sugar recipe for making jam I shared last year.

Enjoy your summer evenings!

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