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Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

Hello and welcome!  This past week has been crazy at work and the holiday weekend promises to be a continuation of that so I don't have much to post this Friday.

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope to do a little outside cooking (maybe even make those cupcakes!) and watch some fireworks, I may get lucky (joke) and be at work so I can watch the fireworks up close from our downtown building!

I did manage to find some time last weekend to finish a project I'll share next week.  It was another FREE find!

Between fires at work, I caught up a little on some of the blogs I read.  I thought this post was good and any woman who has ever tried to find a nice dress off the rack when you're not a size 6 can relate.

Last weekend on a whim, I picked up some of these at the grocery store; so refreshing!  Apparently, Radler is the beer style all the cool kids are drinking this summer (I don't know if that's true and I probably made it up but it's what I'll be drinking this summer at least!)

Enjoy your weekend!  Hopefully next week will calm down and I'll have a new before and after post to share!

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