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Friday, January 29, 2016

Five Things for Friday

We're in for a rainy weekend but it's still a WEEKEND and to kick it off, here of some of my favorite things from this week.

  •  I got my first whiff of Spring this week as I was riding to work.  I love this plant and it's fragrance.  It smells a lot like a daphne, but dare I say, stronger....  I also love the fact that it blooms in the dreary, dead of Winter, just when you've given up all hope of ever seeing Spring.  If you don't have one of these plants in your yard and you live in zones 6-9, get one.  You'll thank me next Winter.  Himalayan Sweet Box (Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis)

  • Norpro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar  I'm loving my new magnetic knife holder.  Just getting the knife block off my counter top has freed up so much more space.  I have room for a lamp now!  Yes, a lamp in the kitchen!  That could be a blog post all on it's own or a great band name!

  • DecoBros Wall Door Mount Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack, White  On that same note, I finally found a good spot for all the various types of wrap I have.  Why do I have so many boxes of wrap!?  Anyway, I used to put these in the lazy susan cupboard, which was probably not my finest idea.  Quite often a box would wedge itself behind the rolling table and you'd be unable to move the lazy susan.  Naturally, this was bothersome but I kept it like that for many, many years not realizing there was an easy fix!

    • Online grocery shopping!  Ok, this rocks!  For the past month or two we've been using Fred Meyer's (Kroger) online grocery shopping website, called ClickList (stupid name).  Anyway we order our groceries through the website, select a time and day to pick them up, then drive to the store on that day.  You pay when you get there, use any coupons if you have them (I never do), and the clerks load your groceries in your car and you're finished!  Grocery shopping done!  Love it!  If it's available in your part of the world and you hate grocery shopping as much as I do, then check it out!  
    • French Linen Bread Bag.  Do these really keep bread fresh?  Yes definitely.  If you purchase or make a lot of bread that doesn't come in plastic then use these.  They will keep your bread fresher for longer and what a beautiful design!  I have two bread bags and even the most rustic of breads will last days longer in a bread bag.

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