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Monday, June 27, 2016

Things My Neighbors Give Away Part 3

Starting Part 3 of Things My Neighbors Give Away, I bring you the metal table I spied one morning on my way to work.  As I was on my bike, I emailed Jeff about it once I got to work.  He returned later with the car and I was welcomed home to this!

As you can see, it needed some work.  I was doubting my decision to take this table as the underside of it had a lot of rust.

After several hours of work, I was happy to see the table was looking better!

Even that awful under side that had so much rust looks better!

This will be in my sale July 29 and 30th.

This sideboard is the piece that started it all!  Jeff found this one evening and insisted I take a look at it.  My first inclination was to pass on it, I had yet to ever pick anything up off the sidewalk for free and it was somewhat dirty and had an ugly 80's black finish to it.  I finally caved though and we went to get the car.

Trying to put this into the car at night was quite a job (I think it was even raining but that could be my memory trying to make it all seem more miserable than it was)!  We did manage to get it in the trunk with most of it hanging out which was ok since we only had about 6 blocks to take it.  At home we unloaded it into the garage and the next day I ordered my first package of milk paint.

While waiting for the paint to arrive, I watched all the you-tube videos I could find about how to use it.  It took several coats of paint and with each coat I doubted whether it was going to work or whether it was worth it.  I painted it completely in the garage, bent over or sitting on the ground.

Finally, it was finished enough to bring into the house and with that piece I started actually looking at what was being set out curbside in my neighborhood for free.

My parents found these patio chairs on the sidewalk free not too long ago.

Naturally they didn't start out looking like that, but considering some of the stuff I've drug home, they weren't bad.  I wrote about these chairs here.  I have finally decided to put these chairs in the my sale this July!  They look great with the metal table I just finished!

Yes, there is a Part Four (and five and probably six as well) still to come of Things My Neighbors Give Away so stay tuned!

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